Anayadikuth Waterfalls

Anayadikuth Waterfalls

Kerala got a reasonable amount of monsoons this year. So we decided to exploit it by visiting a waterfall this time. One of our friend was getting married (Racer Boy).  The marriage is held at Thodupuzha. Thodupuzha is famous for lots of waterfalls. So three of us planned to visit a waterfall after marriage. We took leave from office and went for his marriage. After having a hefty lunch we decided to start our journey. I was accompanied by the photographer (Shijo) and the budding photographer (Bimal). Usually, we travel in separate bikes. This time we had only two bikes as my bike was in the service center. I and shijo went to Thodupuzha from Cochin and Bimal joined us from Thodupuzha as his home is near to Thodupuzha.

We were planning to go to Thommankuthu waterfalls. That’s when one from our office told us about Anachadikuthu waterfalls which is not known to many. She told us to visit that place, which is very near to Thommankuthu and we decided to go there. We were not sure about the route and she told us to set Thommankuthu as the destination in GPS and to call her once we were about to reach there. So we set Thommankuthu as the Destination and left.

She told an overview about that place and she told us to go there with adequate items so that we can have a bath there. It’s a very shallow and beautiful waterfall as per her. Not sure what to expected we three left. From the nearest junction, we bought three towels for us, even though shijo told us that he won’t be bathing. Still, we bought three towels.

We went through the way GPS showed us and we almost reached the last junction before Thommankuthu waterfalls. This is the place from where she asked us to call her. This junction is the last one which you will see in GPS. Thommankuthu is just 800 or so meters from this junction. After calling her she told us to ask about a convent from the junction.

Anayadikuthu Waterfalls
Anayadikuthu Waterfalls

The convent road is just 100 meters from that junction. Take that convent road and take the first right as shown in the map.  The metal road will end in 30 meters and you will have to enter gravel road. From here onwards it’s a narrow road and you can park your bikes where ever there is space without obstructing the road. If you are in car then you can go all the way which will lead you to an open space which is a private property. You can ask the permission of the local people and can keep the car there. The people are very cooperative.

Once you reach this parking space you can ask anyone and all will show you the route. We kept our bikes there and started to walk. It goes through a private property with rubber trees on both sides. After 30 meters you can see a path leading upwards to the right. There are steps created for the climb. It’s not a harsh climb. It will lead you to a hilltop like place which is very scenic. From there its just 20 meters to the falls. Soon once we reach there we could hear the sound of the falls.

Once we saw the falls we understood why she insisted us to come here. It’s really a beautiful waterfall and perhaps the very few waterfall where anyone can go without any fear of drowning. There is almost zero risk in that waterfall unless you become very silly like climbing the fall or diving etc. The water is very shallow.



Anayadikuthu Waterfalls|Anachadikuthu waterfalls
Anayadikuthu Waterfalls

There is a famous saying about this place that once upon a time elephant herds used to come here to have water, especially in summer, from the canal just above the falls.One day one of the elephants fell off from the falls while having water from the canal.Hence the name Anayadikuthu.

We two (Me and Bimal) changed our dress and went near the falls. Shijo didn’t come. He was busy taking photos of the falls. There were several people who were already there enjoying. We both didn’t have any idea how deep the fall actually is. So we were careful in approaching. The closer we went, we knew that it’s very shallow and perfectly safe unless we don’t do any diving kind of stuff there. The water was coming with immense force and I and Bimal tried our level best to keep our head straight while water was directly falling above us. There was family with small kids who were thoroughly enjoying the falls. We would recommend this falls to anyone who loves to spend time without any risk along with family. Please make sure we don’t put plastic bottles and other waste there because as of now it’s a very neat and tidy place and it’s our duty to keep it that way. We spent almost one hour there before it showed signs of rain and we decided to return. My bike was at the service center and I had to reach Ernakulam before 6 pm to collect my Bike. We left from the falls around 4 pm and we were able to reach Ernakulam by 6 to collect my bike.


Aanayadikuthu is a very good waterfall which we are sure will gain publicity in the future. We hope all the travelers will help to keep that place like the way it is now without littering. Grab your bags and go there before its summer so that you can enjoy the falls at its best.

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