After our Illikal Kallu visit, we headed to Ilaveezhapoonchira. From Illikal Kallu is very easy to reach Ilaveezhapoonchira. From the base of Illikal Kallu, there is a signboard which indicates to turn right for Vagamon. We have to Turn Left. The very same route through which we reached Illikal Kallu. After a few kilometres, there will be a church on the right side of the road. Soon after the church there will be a road which goes to the right. Take that road and it will take you to the Base of Illavezhapoonchira. It will lead you to another church, till then the road is of good condition. From there you will have to take left. The road is not at all in good condition from there on. It’s a gravel road. From there you will have to travel around 3 or 4km to reach ilaveezhapoonchira. It was not that hard to ascent in that road even though the gravel was loose. We were worried about the Honda Dio scooter and was not sure how it will handle. Still we all managed to reach the top.

It’s called Illa Veezha Poonchira for a reason. According to Hindu mythology, During the Incognito life of Pandavas, Draupadi, (the wife of Pandavas) came to take a bath at a lake. Some devas, bewitched by her beauty, tried to satisfy their voyeuristic itch. King of devas, Lord Indra, came to know about what was happening, and built  hills heaping flowers which prevented devas from  such a practice thus making the pond a dam secluded by floral hills. Ilaveezhapoonchira means ‘valley where leaves don’t fall’. There are no trees around the bund hence it’s impossible for leaves to fall in that pond.

This is also one of the best places to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset. It’s better if you visit after monsoons because the valley will be fully covered in greenery. Better to avoid going there on a day which is overcast or raining as thunder strikes here every now and then and it has taken several lives too. Climate changes in split second here. If there is a possibility of even the slightest rain it’s better to descent as it’s not at all safe.

The so called ilaveezhapoonchira can be seen on your left when you reach the top. It has now modified to a large pond by the government. Even though this place is famous after that Chira, people used to go there for the beauty of the landscape which is visible form the Top. These days no one used to even notice the Chira. Because it’s surrounded by agricultural land and you can see lots of coconut trees and arecunut trees which spoiled the beauty.

There is police surveillance there and they won’t let you stand there if there is a chance for thunder. The only building at the top of ilaveezhapoonchira is a Police wireless station. The tiredness started to appear on our photographers face. The bike ride to the top took a big toll on all of us as it was very hectic. Still the cool breeze at the top helped us to get refreshed. Usually people used to go only till the wireless station. But there is lush greenery beyond that. If you are travelling in a boys only group then you can explore that also. The place beyond that is even better. I said boys only because there will be constant surveillance by cops and if there is a girl or women it’s hard to get the permission to go beyond, as it solely depends on that cop. So better avoid. Soon after the wireless station there is a tower. You can go till that tower and can sit there. From there you can see the entire valley and landscape hence there is no need to go beyond if you are with family. From that position its said that we can see 4 Districts namely Ernakulam, Allepy , Pathanamthitta and Idukki..


Once it started signs of rain we planned to return. All were very worried about how we will be descending as the gravel was so loose and stones were flying to all parts if bike or jeep go before us. If it was hard to go to the top it was twice as hard to descent. Almost all lost control on their bikes several times. Because we came from Illikal kallu we reached a junction which was almost half the distance. But on our return we were going to the nearest junction called KANJAR. Kanjar is the hometown of the budding photographer who told us that there is one more hill near his home which is also beautiful and if we are going there we can visit there also. For those who are going to Ernakulam side, Kanjar is the place which you have to go from Ilaveezhapoonchira.

As expected the descent was very tough. Much tougher than we expected. I and the photographer almost collided each other with our bikes multiple times. We somehow managed not to. Halfway the Honda Dio scooter which the young enthusiast was driving broke down. It was not getting started either. Unlucky for us the self-start of that scooter was already damaged even before that trip. We all were trying desperately to start the bike, but none of it actually worked. Meanwhile, the rain started pouring down heavily. Finally we decided it to push it till Kanjar. As it was a steep road, the initial pull itself made that scooter to reach Kanjar. We were expecting to reach budding photographers home around 4.30pm. But the breakdown made us one hour behind schedule and we reached Kanjar by around 5.30. We kept the bike there and searched for a mechanic. At Kanjar junction there is a bike workshop. Sunday was a holiday for that shop. Luckily for us the phone number of the mechanic was mentioned there. But as it was a holiday the mechanic told us that he won’t be able to come. At last in pouring rain we decided to keep the Scooter at Kanjar. As the last hope, the budding photographer tried to kick-start the scooter once more and it worked. The scooter got started. The relief we had at that time was beyond words.

From Kanjar we left to the budding photographer’s home. Which was around 2 km from Kanjar junction.

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