Kattadikadavu View Point

Kattadikadavu View Point

The new travel destination for many who loves nature. Kattadikadavu is a place near Thodupuzha which has become a new travel hot spot for many around Ernakulam and Kottayam. This is a place which is least polluted and please make sure you leave it that way.

Its almost 70 Km from Ernakulam.  You can reach either by bus or by private vehicle. You have to take the Vannapuram route from Muvatupuzha. Earlier there were no sign boards to guide you to the location. But the recent publicity has made it a well know place and anyone you find on the road will be able to tell you the route There is a small view point just before Kattadikadavu, it’s called Venmany View point. It’s hardly one kilometre from this view point to kattadikadavu. There is a small tea shop in this view point from where you can enjoy the view by having a cup of tea. (Note the GPS will show you the destination 400 to 500 meters after kattadikadavu) So make sure to look for the sign board which is placed on the left side when you approach a small town with two or three shops on the right side) 

kattadikadavu Entry
kattadikadavu Entry

This time our usual team apart from Bimal, four of us were there for the trip. We as always started from Ernakulam early morning thinking it would be the best time to reach kattadikadavu. Last time we reached kattadikadavu around 12 and it was damn hot. Then itself we have decided that if we are coming here again then we should come early morning. So as planned we left early morning and after our breakfast we reached kattadikadavu around 10am. We parked our car and started the climb. There is almost one and half Kilometres to walk from where you park the vehicle. People who come in bikes, it’s better to keep your bikes at the parking place itself and it won’t be a good idea to challenge the road and to take it to the top. The present condition of the road won’t let you do that. For almost 400 meters there is a concrete road and after that it’s pure mud road and its steep as well. For almost 800 meters you will have to hold your breath and climb. For experienced hikers it won’t be an issue. Because we went here earlier and we knew what to expect, we all climbed with ease this time. It’s hard to climb when the climate is hot.

There is a small refreshment shop on the way where you can have small snacks. After the climb its straight road ahead and within another 400 meters you will reach a point where the trail will split in to two (one going right and one left) you will have to take the left. Within 200 meters you will reach the destination. There are barricades as in every other view point.

kattadikadavu - diversion
kattadikadavu – diversion

There is a path which leads even further and we won’t recommend family to take this path. But for youngsters, you guys can try this path which will lead to the kattadikadavu which you see in pics. If it’s raining then we won’t recommend this path as there are sharp climbing of rocks which will be slippery and can cause serious injuries. This place currently doesn’t have any restriction. So please be a responsible traveller without challenging the nature and force officials to take actions and restrictions. You can see the path in the video posted below.

We reached on top around 10.45. Within 5 minutes it started to rain heavily. We waited for almost 45 minutes thinking that the rain would subside, but it didn’t happen and we had to return. We couldn’t take much photos. Like last time we again left some thing for us to come again once the rainy season is over. On our return the shop keeper told us that people mostly come here in the afternoon. Hopefully next time we will come here in the afternoon expecting to take some photos and complete our portfolio of Kattadikadavu.


This was our second trip to this place and what we saw there was a bit disheartening for us because people started to litter here also and the plastic waste we saw this time is much more than last time when there was literally no waste. So we request you to treat nature with at most care and to be a responsible traveller. Happy travelling..

How to reach Kattadikadavu:

From Ernakulam: (68km) Ernakulam – Muvattupuzha – Vannapuram – KattadiKadavu

From Thodupuzha: (25km) via Thodupuzha – Vannapuram –  Kattadikadavu.

From Idukki: (41.6km) Idukki – Cheruthoni – Chelachuvadu – Kattadikadavu.

Places to visit near Kattadikadavu:



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