Marmala waterfall

Marmala waterfall

After Anayadikuthu we decided to go to places which are not known to many. Waterfalls were in our priority list because it’s the idle time to explore waterfalls soon after monsoons and we can see most of them in their full glory. That’s the time when our Navigator colleague told us about Marmala Waterfalls. Navigator was confident that it will be a good waterfall and worth the distance we travel. Finally, we fixed Marmala as our next destination.

We left Kakanad (Ernakulam) early morning around 7 am. We planned to reach Marmala at the earliest so that we can take some photographs. It showed 85 kilometers to Marmala from Kakanad. We packed our bags and left to marmala.

We took the Piravam-Pala-Teekoy route to Marmala. As it was early morning we didn’t have to deal with much traffic. We were able to cover a good distance in the early hours and by the time we reach Pala we were very hungry.

We saw a small hotel at Pala from where we had our breakfast. We took just 15 minutes for our breakfast and then continued our journey. Till Eratupetta we didn’t had any issues regarding the route to Marmala. From Eratupetta we relied on GPS. The Navigator was giving me instructions looking at the GPS and the other two followed me. After Teekoy there is a left and we took that Left as per the guidance of GPS. The route was properly shown by the GPS until we reached a small bridge which was on to our right. From here onwards there was no road and it was a gravel road. We followed the GPS and it led us to a place where it asked to go straight when there are no straight road ahead of us and there was a diversion. From there we stopped our bikes and asked a local person about Marmala Waterfall. He asked us to take the left road. The condition of the road is so bad that it’s almost impossible to ride the bike with a pillion. We had situations where we almost fell down. Still we continued our journey and reached a dead end. From there we can’t take the vehicle forward and we have to walk for almost 200 meters. We then saw another road there which was much better than the one we came. We couldn’t see anyone there to ask anything regarding the falls. We followed our instincts and walked. Finally we could hear the sound of the waterfall. We saw some photos of the falls and had some idea how it will look. But the sight we saw after reaching there was not what we expected. There were huge rocks covering our view of the waterfall. We scouted around and saw another path which goes around these rocks. It’s not that easy to climb some rocks especially with bags and a tripod. The rocks were damn slippery as well due to the recent rains. We toiled hard and managed to climb those rocks which led us to the Actual Marmala Falls.

Marmala waterfall route
Marmala waterfall route

As Expected it’s a very beautiful waterfall with crystal clear water. The water was falling with an immense strength which created a cover of mist around the waterfall. By the time me and the photographer (shijo) was busy positioning our cameras and GoPro in place, Bimal and Navigator climbed the rock which was in front of the falls (the correct spot to see the fall in its glory. It’s really a place for people who love nature and waterfalls, even though we could see some plastic bottles here and there thrown by people who don’t care for nature.

Marmala waterfall
Marmala waterfall

After one hour we decided to return. On our way back Bimal had an idea to go to the top of the waterfall. I too supported him. Bimal told that we could reach the top by climbing the adjacent hill. Shijo was denying it saying there won’t be much to see at the top and it won’t lead to the top of the waterfall. Still, Bimal was persistent and we all started our climb. After almost 15 meters of the steep climb, the only way forward is through a way full of thorns. That time Navigator and Shijo told that they will stay there and asked us to go and search whether there is a way to the top. I and Bimal proceeded to the top. After almost 40 meters of climb we both realised that there is no way we could reach the top as a huge rock was before us and there is no way we could climb it. The navigator and Shijo were eagerly looking at us thinking we found a route to the top. I and Bimal held on to the suspense till we reach to the foot of the hill. Shijo knew us and he was sure that we didn’t find anything. I couldn’t hold to the suspense and I broke it saying that there is nothing at the top. After that climb, we decided to leave. We were so early that we finished our trip by around 11 am itself. That time Bimal told, let’s go to another waterfall if we had time after reaching the junction. We reached the place where we kept our bike and we started our return. On our return, we took a new route which turned out to be very fruitful later. The Road was much better and on our way back we discovered another beautiful waterfall which is least known to even the local people. The details regarding this adventurous and beautiful waterfall will be covered on our next blog which is coming very soon.

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